Kevin Moses is a Nigerian Born International Christian worship/music minister and a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ, 

An evangelist with an Apostolic call and Prophetic unction.

 Apostle Kevin Moses is the Founder & Lead Pastor of a fast growing Church called Christ Advocate Ministry with Branches in United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Nigeria, and Liberia. In recent times Apostle Kevin has started fulfilling divine mandate as an Evangelist with Apostolic call and strong Prophetic unction.

There have been numerous testimonies by people and proteges around the world from several prophecies and miracles performed by God under the prophetic unction, revelation, and prayers of Apostle Kevin Moses.

My biological Father Late - Apostle Moses Akhidenor (may his soul rest in peace), led me to Christ and I was baptized by immersion at the age of 15, at The Apostolic Church, 39 Creek Road, Port Harcourt, Nigeria. I became a strong evangelist as a teenager and also an active member of the choir in the above-mentioned Church for a few years.

Suddenly, I met friends in my secondary school, Stella Maris College-Port Harcourt,

I backslid and joined secular music groups, performing secular music in Jazz and Night Clubs around Port Harcourt City and Lagos Nigeria. I was a secular musician for about a decade. I recorded songs in the studio and later travelled out of the country to release my first music album in French and became a popular artist touring across west Africa and the french world. I knew the world enough and was fed up at some point.


I personally re-dedicated my life to God in my early 30s and then, my full-time ministry started immmediatly, especially when I encountered my Prophet, Pastor Wole Oladinyun of Christ Living Spring Apostolic Ministry in Lagos Nigeria.


Kevin Moses is recently concluded 2019 touring in several countries  like Germany, Ireland, France, Belgium, Canada, United Kingdom, Nigeria, Ghana etc., establishing divine mandate on his life.

Kevin Moses is The Boss of KMC Records music label, and The Founder and Lead Pastor of Christ Advocate Ministry (Church). He is one of the pioneers of the new generation Afro-pop/Dancehall reggae/Hip-hop and Gospel genre of music in Nigeria, West Africa, etc.. He has four albums to his credit and several unreleased singles. 


Kevin Moses started singing in a church choir of The Apostolic Church in a city called Port-Harcourt in Nigeria.

His biological father discovered his talent and believed he would do better in a bigger city and moved him to Lagos the commercial capital city of his country of origin Nigeria, and in the cradle of his career, Kevin Moses worn big Talent hunts at his tender age including NTA (Nigeria Television Authority) "Who is on" music talent hunt. etc. in Lagos Nigeria, And he was very much encouraged to push further into becoming a professional music artist when one of the judges of a talent hunt called him a studio material.

Kevin Moses moved from Nigeria to the French world at a teenage age and started His professional music career where he sojourned in search of French education and made several kinds of music hits with two albums on Radio France International (RFI), Africa No.1 Radio and Radio Nostalgie, etc. in the French market and Ivory Coast. etc. with Songs like 'Jolie Fille' etc.

Kevin Moses is one of the first Nigerian born musicians who first toured with America artists in the likes of Worl A Girl, Morgan Heritage, and was then promoted by OAP MC Claver of Ivory Coast for West Africa and African/American music promoter  Jose Toure promotions fir International tours etc.


He was then nicknamed "Boy Blue'.

A few years later, Kevin Moses had a terrible accident that nearly took his life, which made him make a vow and rededicated his life back to God in Christianity. He returned to His home country Nigeria immediately after the accident, forsaking many years of success and experience in the secular music industry in major French-speaking countries

and Nigeria


He then changed his music name from "Boy Blue" to his legal name "Kevin Moses" and released two Gospel Albums with hits tracks like 'Clap Offering" etc.

Now, Kevin Moses is finally making international hits globally across the international music circuit on radio and TV Stations, Internet etc. after many years of experience in the music scene as he releases some of his numerous recorded songs.


Kevin Moses sings and speaks English and French fluently. He is considered one of the most experienced and outstanding performing music artist in this new generation that came out of West Africa.

Kevin Moses partially left the music industry for few years for his multi-million Christian Broadcasting TV Company, CALVARY NETWORK AFRICA, Spirit TV International & Spirit Music TV which He has used in contributing to the success and growth and promotion of many other gospel artists in the likes of Midnight Crew, Sammie Okposo, Tim Godfrey, Segun Obe, Liza C, Buchi, B.O.U.Q.U.I, Psalmos, Mike Abdul, Pat Uwaje King, Righteousman and many more, ministers and ministries in Nigeria, Africa, North America and Europe etc.

Kevin Moses finally return to the western world in 2014, where He has built a new life for himself.

And out of the numerous recorded songs, he currently released a new album titled "MOST WANTED", trending on major radio stations and online stores etc.


In 2017, Kevin Moses released a promotional audio single and video of one of the hit tracks on an album titled "Super Power" feat. Pat Uwaje King (Mid Night Crew).

He is currently promoting a new singles titled No One and FORMULA with a new video trending on Radio and TV Channels in Europe, and North America. Also on Youtube and other traditional and social media and all online streaming and music download platforms worldwide.


Please, visit social media for updates on newly released audio songs and ministries videos  messages etc. 


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