Kevin Moses TV Assignment Terms & Condition

I am interested in being a part of Kevin Moses TV Assignment. I am over 16years of age. 

I will provide my details as requested by this organization and will be well behaved and will not constitute a social me is nuisance and will not bully any one if I do not emerge a winner. I do I should be subject to  disciplinary or legal action by this origination.

I will support who ever be a winner and if I be a winner, I am very positive that I can be a winner of this assignment. 

I will follow rules, instructions and regulations and will give honest information as required by this organization to receive a financial reward if I emerge a winner. 

I will fill in my personal bank details during registration which will be used to receive my financial reward if I emerge a winner. 

If I do not have a bank account and wish to use a family member bank account or parents bank account, I agree to request authorization from this organization and to get approval first after verification of relative or friend's detail I intend to use and only after I get approval from this organization will I register and fill in the approved bank details.

Videos or audio that you have tagged Kevin Moses Music, Kevin Moses TV or any other third party organization or brand associated to Kevin Moses TV etc. will have unlimited permission to broadcast this videos, audios on social media, tv etc for promotional or ad purpose. 

Any update on this terms and condition will apply to all participants.

I agree that I will be disqualified if I carry out any form of misconduct as defined by this organization..

By checking the box of this terms and condition on this application form, I agree that I have read this terms and condition and will follow all instructions as written and stipulated to this assignment whether on this website, social media or on any form of publication of this project. 

Kevin Moses TV

Kevin Moses Music

Kevin Moses Ministries

Monday 15th February 2021


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